Hydroplex - High Pressure Pump and System Specialists

Since 1980, Hydroplex Corporation has manufactured a line of high-pressure pumps, valves, and accessories for industrial markets. Designed, built, and tested in Lafayette, Louisiana, Hydroplex serves the Oil & Gas and General Industrial service sectors with rugged, compact models from 40 to 250 horsepower. With flow capabilities from 1/4 gpm to 1 barrel per minute, Hydroplex pumps are well suited for hydrostatic testing, well equalizing, well slugging, batch treatment, and chemical and methanol injection jobs up to 30,000 psi. Ongoing research and development on our 200 HP methanol test stand ensures that Hydroplex Corporation can duplicate in-field pumping conditions, and continuously improve our products. Hydroplex Pumps are a product of AGI Industries, Inc. with offices along the Texas, Louisiana gulf coast. Along with AGI Industries, Hydroplex offers complete, customized pump packages designed, fabricated, and tested to your specifications. Our commitment to our customers is to understand the critical nature of your efforts and to support those efforts with innovative products, inventory and technical support you can count on. Let Hydroplex show you how!