• Quarter-turn valves (90ᵒ full on/off)
  • Actuated or Manual
  • High-quality materials
  • Direct mount of the actuator to the valve body
  • Cartridge feature allows replacement of repair parts without breaking pipe or actuator connections
  • Standard ISO/DIN bolting pattern
  • 5,000 MAWP
  • 100% hydro-testing of all assemblies
  • Low torque ratings


  • Gas Lift Surface Valve
  • Fluid Injection / Flow Control
  • Manifold Pressure Control
  • Gas & Condensate Production
  • Separator Dump Valve
  • Automated Throttle Valve
  • Gas Lift Surface Choke


  • Accessories: Stellite wear sleeve, Multistage pressure drop utilizing fixed orifice bean. Wear sleeve for added protection from abrasive or turbulent environments. 


1. Valve Body: Durable carbon steel body.

2. Stem Assembly: The smaller shaft diameter reduces operating torque, requiring smaller and less expensive actuators.

3. Thrust Bearing: This reduces the friction induced by pressure on the valve stem.

4. Tungsten Control Discs: All valves come standard with Tungsten carbide trim available in sizes up to 3/4″.

5. Fixed Orifice Bean (Optional): The hub design allows for placement of a fixed orifice bean to achieve up to a 3-stage pressure drop within the valve. The fixed orifice bean also extends the life of the valve.

6. Wear Sleeve (Optional): The downstream wear sleeve, made of durable Stellite material, adds protection from abrasive or turbulent environments extending valve life.


7. Cartridge Assembly: Holds in the wear components of the valve and allows for easy maintenance.

8. Sensor Port: 1/8″ threaded port to allow for installation of a pressure sensor or gauge, or left open for wear detection. 

9. Wear Disc: This disc is meant to absorb energy from the change of direction of the fluid from the orifice discs to the valve outlet.

10. Direct Actuator Mounting (Not Shown): Design allows for direct mounting of several common valve actuators without the need for couplings or brackets. 

11. 1/4″ NPT Port (Not Shown): Access port for optional injection of liquids or gasses for supplemental process improvements.