• Pressure to 30,000 psi*
  • Durable and Compact
  • Splash or Pressurized Lubrication Systems
  • Easy Field Maintenance
  • High Output Efficiency
  • Corrosion Resistant Hardware


  • Methanol Injection (special models available)
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Chemical Injection
  • Downhole Equalization
  • Flushing
  • HPU Charging
  • Hydroforming


  • Maximum Continuous Power 35 hp 
  • Maximum Intermittent Power 40 hp
  • Maximum Continuous Input 400 rpm
  • Maximum Continuous Intermittent Input 450 rpm
  • 1.75″ Stroke Length
  • Available with 4-bolt SAE “C” female splined shaft for direct coupling of hydraulic motors


1. Split Cylinder: The packing cylinder can be readily removed, thus giving easy accessibility to all replacement wear parts. Packing and plunger changes require minimal down time.
2. Fluid Cylinder Body: Machined from high quality solid block alloy or stainless steel, ground to precision for maximum pump performance.
3. Discharge and Suction Valve Assemblies: Each valve assembly is interchangeable and made from precision machine ground, hardened 17-4 PH stainless steel. No wing guide or threads are required, reducing field maintenance and increasing pump efficiency. The Hydroplex ball valve is rated to 30,000 psi and features a reversible double seat in hardened stainless steel. Balls are highly polished, ground and hardened stainless steel. All o-ring seals are flat surface designed, which reduces o-ring cutting and provides maximum pressure sealing.
4. Power Plungers: The power plunger is heat-treated stainless steel ground and polished to an 8 rms surface finish for extended packing life.
5. Plunger Packing: Multiple element Chevron style packing is used and is self adjusting, requiring minimal field maintenance. Packing lubrication is achieved with gravity oil drip or grease injection.


6. Pump Drive: Quiet running internal drive train cut and machined from high strength alloy steel. Assembled with conical tapered roller bearings.
7. Crankcase: Oilfield rugged cast iron case protects internal components and the upper half of the case is easily removed for inspection and service.
8. Automotive Type Crankshaft: Forged from alloy steel and balanced for continuous duty operations.
9. Shaft Bearings: Precision conical tapered roller bearings support each shaft end.
10. Crankshaft Journal Bearings: Journal bearings are high quality automotive type steel-backed inserts.
11. Connecting Links: Links are cast iron with replaceable wrist-pin bushings.
12. Crossheads: Heavy duty ductile iron crossheads eliminate side loads on power plungers.
13. Pony Rods: Rods are smoothly ground and highly polished stainless steel, threaded and pinned to align perfectly with the crosshead and power plunger.
14. Continuous Splash Lubrication: Oil in the crankcase reservoir is picked up by the crankshaft and spread to all moving parts.*

*Optional auxiliary lube available for low speed operation.