• 270° Actuation to affect quarter-turn trim (3 to 1 gear reduction)
  • Direct Mount Actuation
  • 5,000 psi MAWP
  • Hardened wear sleeve for high-pressure drops and abrasion.
  • Multistage DP system utilizing fixed orifice beans for multi-stage internal pressure drop.


  • Liquid & Gas Pressure or Flow Control
  • Water & Gas Injection
  • MOV choke
  • Automated Throttle Valve
  • Gas & Condensate Production
  • Separator Dump Valve
  • Pump Start-up Bypass
  • ESP / H-Pump Back-pressure Control
  • Disposal Wells
  • Reverse Osmosis


  • Accessories: 17-4PH Stainless wear sleeve, Multistage pressure drop utilizing fixed orifice beans.


1. The ISO F07 pad allows for direct mount of common actuators. No need for additional couplings or brackets.

2. Valve stem designed with calibration marks indicating the percent of travel from 0 to 100.

3. Injection Port

4. Easily change from manual actuation to automated in the field without interrupting service. 

5. Gears are isolated from the flow stream protecting them from unwanted contamination.

6. Wear Indication Monitoring Port

7. Optional hardened wear sleeve providing additional protection from abrasive flows and cavitation damage.

8. Twin disc control elements are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate flow and pressure requirements.

9. Internal Seal Monitoring Port

10. The exobody, while isolated from process fluids, is designed for pressure containment only. There is no contact with the flow stream.

11. The hub design allows for the placement of optional fixed orifice beans to achieve a two or three stage pressure drop within the valve for severe service.