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High Pressure Test or Injection Unit

High Pressure Test or Injection Unit

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  • Hydroplex HP-550 Triplex Pump
  • 5,000 - 22,500 PSI Pressure Rating 
  • Flows 5-30 GPM
  • Engine, Electric Motor, or Hydraulic Driven Units
  • Engines equipped with spark arrestor, clutch PTO, electric start, & optional transmissions
  • Hydroplex HR2-20 valve allows for precise operator control of test pressure
  • Complete systems with gauges, relief valves, bleed valves, etc.
  • Parker, Swagelok, Autoclave or equivalent tubing
  • Painted or galvanized steel skid
  • Stainless, carbon steel, or poly tanks


  • Pressure testing or injection into vessels, piping, wellhead components, etc.
  • Self-contained and can be used out in the field
  • High pressure injection



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