technical data

In developing our products, Hydroplex has relied on in-depth discussions with clients regarding industry requirements, norms, and maintenance issues. Our gas lift surface valves, separator dump valves, and general throttling valve designs deliver solutions to improve control and maximize production and service life. Browse our technical papers below or contact us for more information.

Throttling Valve Sizing Criteria

Automated Wellhead Application

Belly Dump Application

C02 Injection Application

Dump Valve Application

Gas Lift Application

Gas Production Unit

Gas Lift Surface Valve, Throttling Valve, Adjustable Choke, Automated Throttle Valve, Gas Lift Surface Choke, MOV Choke, Separator Dump Valve, Separator Letdown Valve, Oilfield Dump Valve, Automated Choke

H-Pump Disposal Well Startup Application

Multistage Pressure Drop on HCI

Plunger Lift Application

Pneumatic Dump Valve Convert to Twin Disc

Reverse Osmosis

Separator Applications

Split Flow Application

Surface Control Valves on Multiwell Pad Gaslift

SWD Control Valve Application

Throttling Valve Well Site Installation Application

VRU Application